Service Quality Centre Indonesia offers a suite of training programs and workshop to partner organizations transform from good to great by focusing on Leadership, People, Product, Process, and Place. Our training approach is experiential and highly engaging to get participants to actively participate and have fun in the learning. We apply different methodologies through as experiential learning, role-plays, self-assessments, videos, pre-post tests, action planning, indoors and outdoors to make the training both engaging and varied for participants.

In designing and developing our programs, our focus is on providing customised learning to enable participants learn and apply their learning back at their workplace. Our objective is to ensure that the knowledge and skills acquired by participants must impact and enable them to develop their service delivery competencies and make changes back at work.

Our suite offers programes that are in nature, holistic organizational development for mindset and skills training. The focus starts with Organizational Excellence and is driven by Leadership.
Leadership also drive People Excellence to deliver the organizations’s service promise and measured against their short- and long-term goals.
Inculcating Teamwork is critical in service delivery. Finally, it is also about incorporating continuous improvement through Service Innovation.